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Kalbavi has 3 plants spread over a sprawling area of 2.5 acres majorly dedicated for the manufacture & processing of Cashew nuts, established in the industrial area of Baikampady (New Mangalore). It is ideally located at just 3 KM from the New Mangalore Port and 15 KM from the Mangalore Airport. It is well connected to the National highway and is just 15 minutes by road from the main city.

      Built up area

With a processing area of over 55000 Sq.ft, Kalbavi Cashews is one of the very few fully mechanized plants with automated processing lines. It also houses a fully integrated Value Adding Facility and an R&D center with dedicated labs to keep a check on quality standards.

      Packing Facility

To meet the growing demand of India’s retail segment, we house a state-of-the-art Packing Center with the latest machinery capable of packing any food related retail product.

      Our Team

We have a fully motivated and qualified Food Safety Team ensuring that the plant is maintained at the highest level of hygiene standards. 100% of our products are IR treated to ensure a high shelf life and zero infestation.

Green Initiatives

We care about the environment and have hence taken a few steps to ensure that we are 100% environment friendly:

Solar Capacity

We have an installed solar capacity of 400 KW capable of generating 1500 units/day.

Water Harvesting System

We have a Water Harvesting System where 100% of rainwater collected is used to recharge the bore wells supplying water to the facility.


We also use the extract from the Raw Cashew Shells as fuel for the Boiler to reduce the use of wood and other fossil fuels.